Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We had a blast!

We went up to Sevierville, TN for our 2nd honeymoon and vow renewal. We also went to Pigeon Forge, Gatlingburg, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park since they were very close. 
Sydney's new collar. It was made by Diane at The Leather Works  in Gatlinburg. She suggested this width for Sydney after I explained her harking issue. I put it on Sydney and she walked off like the happiest puppy in the world. I thought we would have to order the collar and have it mailed to us but Diane made it in 30 minutes so we could take it with us that day. It has a design on the sides and we picked 3 symbols for it... a daisy for our oldest Bekah, a butterfly for our youngest Abbie and then a heart for Andrew & I. It also has her name on it. Sydney has done so well with it. She is prancing a lot more!
Fred Heard (middle), Andrew & I after our vow renewal. 
Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Sydney & I at Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Andrew & Sydney at Great Smoky Mountain National Park
This is a mini golf course that you need a tram to play. It goes up the side of a hill.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby

Happy Birthday to my husband! We will be celebrating his birthday and our vow renewal this weekend in Sevierville. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday we spent the day running errands getting everything ready for the wedding and for Christy's birthday. I also got all my medical stuff set up for the next few months. 

Today I'm uploading pictures to start on photo books and all the sudden my MIL pulls out photo albums of Andrew, Christy, & Buddy. So I'm going to be busy scanning in photos and making photo books. 

Also we got all the yarn sucked into vacuum bags so now it takes up much less space. 

It went from this...

To this...

Also I never end a blog post without putting up a few pictures of the kiddos. I have been busy organizing the photos of them and weeding out the ones I'm going to use for photo books for them.