Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today's featured Etsy shop... Little Ladies Things

My name is Jen. My shop name is Little Ladies Things. I have had my shop for a couple years, but finally got it up and running in October of 2013. I chose my shop name on the premise that I wanted to have something that didn't limit me to one item/craft. 

Most items in my shop relate to 18" dolls or little girls (I have tutus and hair accessories that I haven't uploaded yet). I sell 18" doll tutus, tutu dresses, sleeping bags, and accessories. Some of the accessories include scarves, headbands, tights, etc. 

My thought is to expand into doll clothing as well. I want to see where this takes me before I take on more. I started this line of crafts when my two girls needed some dress up clothes and costumes. When they received American Girl dolls one Christmas, I started making tutus for the dolls and here we are! 

I love crafting! I am a stay at home mom. When I started getting positive feedback from my family and friends, I decided to open my etsy shop and see where this takes me. 

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