Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today's featured Etsy shop... MM Candle Creations

My name is Mel, and my business is named MM Candle Creations. My Etsy shop was started in November 2012, just after I became serious about my candle-making business. Basically, my business name is an extension of me... MM are my initials, and I felt "Creations" covered what I do the best... simply because I do not just make candles, I make many creations, and most of these are my creative outlet! 

I currently sell highly scented soy candles, tarts, essential oil aroma bead sachets, and wax-dipped scented fire starters. I am currently considering expanding and including a bath and body line.

I have always been fascinated with candles, and I have wanted to make them since I was a kid. At about ten years old, I had a HUGE mishap in trying to make a candle with no knowledge of how to do so (how hard can it be, right?!). I decided a couple years ago to buy some candle making kits, and I learned how to make candles that way. After I learned about the process and researched all the supplies I would need, I started shopping around for the highest quality supplies I could find at the most affordable price. I am proud to say I have found the best wax I have ever burnt in a candle, and some really nice scents! Over the past year, I have learned how to make many other wax creations, and I will continue to learn as much as I can to keep my customers happy.

I have never had an unsatisfied customer, and 87% of my customers are repeat customers with specific requests. Custom orders are challenging at times, and those are my absolute favorite orders to fill!!!

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