Monday, April 14, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... ChillOutChic Handmade

Hi I'm Lin from the U.K.

My love for making goes back to my school days, when I remember being able to do quite a bit at a young age. I recall making a red dress in my early years in secondary school, I remember it clearly, red and black with a white collar! My Aunt taught me to knit and crochet and my nan taught me to cook!

Since school I didn't do much handy work, too much to do, day job, child, the usually thing. But this past couple of years I have managed to rekindle my love for making things, my jewellery making is fairly recent, I just thought I would have a go at making something from a kit, I soon got the bug! Now I get a real buzz from ordering my new bead supplies.
Being inspired by Spring and Summer colours and the Coast, which I absolutely love, you will see this in my choice of fabrics, they tend to be all bright or pastel shades and not much in the way of dark colours. I tend to buy fabrics and then think about what to make, I know the wrong way round!

My Etsy shop was opened in 2011 but its only these past couple of months before Christmas that I decided to stock my shop. I am really happy I have accomplished some sales, very happy, and very pleased with the response I have from my customers. Makes it all worth while.

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