Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... Emma Wyatt Art

Hi, my names Emma and I'm the owner and creative person behind Emma Wyatt Art. I make and sell wire wrapped jewellery as well as taking fine art commissions although the later has been put on the back burner lately due to surgery on my hand earlier this year.

Before Etsy I worked as a graphic designer for 12 years in a large publishing studio, you name it and we did it! I’ve also spent the last few years attending craft shows with my pencil art and meeting lots of interesting people!

Growing up I have always been interested in making and drawing, so much so that I went on to study art for 5 years after leaving school. Towards the end of my time at Art College I spent 2 years studying surface pattern and working with fabric.

When I was made redundant in 2012 I started making wire jewellery as a hobby and I love weaving with it and creating patterns and structure. I started taking my work to fairs and it gained more and more attention, so much so that it started taking over from my art work.

My designs start not with the wire but with the stones I’m using. I prefer to use gemstones because they are all unique, tactile and have been on such a long journey before they come to me. Often I start a design and just see where the wire takes me; it’s the most fun part of what I do. I’ve recently been dabbling with precious metal clay and I love the idea of having a wire and metal clay fusion.

I’m still quite a new shop on Etsy but its growing and I’m excited to see where the adventure will take me.

You can visit my shop on Etsy, Facebook, and on deviantARTThanks for taking an interest!

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