Friday, January 3, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... Clover Mae Jewelry

My name is Alissa and my Etsy shop is Clover Mae Jewelry.

I started building my Etsy shop in the summer of 2013 after having my first baby. After endless fun hours doing what I love, I opened on November 11, 2013. I still have SO much to add and tweak until I feel like my shop is "perfect." However, my ideas and creations seem to evolve often so this new venture will be an on-going labor of love. 

My business name has an important meaning to me. It took awhile to come up with a name that felt right. "Clover" is a nod to my Irish heritage and "Mae" is after my Grandmother, whom passed away in 2011. She was the light of my life and the root of all of my most wonderful childhood (and adult) memories. 

Clover Mae Jewelry sells handmade earrings. I love creating bold color combinations to channel my inner Kate Spade. A simple wardrobe can be transformed with some great pops of color! I have broad aspirations to one day feature bracelets, necklaces and other textures such as wood and bright leathers.

Jewelry making is something I've always loved. When I was 10 years old my Aunt gave me my first jewelry making kit. She had a successful jewelry business of her own so the kit was filled with some amazing goodies like clay beads, hand carved wood pendants and sterling silver wrapped crystals. My mom still wears some of the pieces I made for her all those years ago.

For me, creating is an addiction! I am obsessed with anything DIY and find myself having to get my "creative fix" often. I look forward to sharing these creations as my Etsy shop grows!

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