Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's featured Etsy Shop... Landdelements

My name is Kelly and my Etsy shop is Landdelements.

When did you start your Etsy shop?
Aug 2013

What is the story behind your business name? 
Our pieces are designed to reflect a higher meaning and often convey our strong Christian values and faith to perpetuate the Message. LANDDelements was created to produce beautiful, thought-provoking accents. Our company acronym LANDD (Life and Death) was chosen as our guide in our design and construction philosophy, with the thought that "its what really matters that counts"

Water, Stone, Wood, Fire and Earth are all elements of nature and a full-circle natural landscape. Blending these elements with a palette of quality plants and practical function is our goal with every project. Use of natural materials and innovative combinations of new man-made products can produce memorable and enjoyable outdoor environments..

What do you sell? 
We Sell Unique Custom made metal artwork for your home or garden.

How did you get into your craft? 
Totally by accident. Wanted to start making pieces for peoples yards for their landscape and ended up making a lot of different designs.

Anything else you would like to share? We do custom work so if there is something that someone wants us to make all we need is the idea of it and we can work together to make a piece that is perfect for someone.

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