Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... Joannie's Country Shop

Joannie'sCountry Shop, is a husband and wife operated business. We make all of our items from reclaimed wood. We use mostly pallets, but have use barn wood or any wood to keep it out of the landfill or a fire pit. So I thought this would be a great time to share with you the process that we go though to make our items.

When we receive the pallets you would wonder how in the world is this wood going to be turned into a crate, serving tray or ladder, because the pallet wood is usually beat up pretty good. We start our process by taking the pallets apart and removing all the nails. 

After this process we move the wood to the table saw where we cut a clean edge on each side of the board and once we have the clean edge we are ready to cut the boards to width that we need for the project we are working on. Then the boards are then moved over to the cut off saw and are cut to the desired length. 

After all the sawing has been completed we move over to the planer where each board is ran through the planer at least 3 times each. This process removes the roughness from the pallet wood. It is amazing the beautiful wood that comes out of the planner. At this point in the process the board's raw edges and ends are hand sanded to remove any roughness that the planer was not able to get to. 

After this process the wood is ready to be assembled into a finish product. Once the product has been assembled we hand sand the item before it has the finish applied to it. Then the item is ready to be stained or painted to the customers wish. We will spray the stain or paint on the item and the excess stain is wiped off and allowed to dry. After the stain has dried we will apply the sealant over the stain finish. 

The end result is a beautiful wooden item that my husband and myself have put our heart and soul into making for our customers. So when you are visiting our Etsy shop this will give you a little in sight into the process that was performed to make our items.

We make everything when it is ordered. So if you see something that you are interested in and we don't have the size or color listed or you have a questions about our shop or an item just send us a convo and we will get in contact with you very quickly.

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