Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crocheted Ticks are great for...

Spreading Awareness of Lyme Disease
by Crocheting Ticks
There are over 300 symptoms for Lyme Disease and only 50% of the patients who get Lyme Disease have the tell tale bull’s eye rash after being bitten. Learn more Lyme by checking out the Lyme Links I have posted here on the blog.

  • Kids... Kids love the crocheted ticks because they are small and easy to hold onto. If you give one to a kiddo it is amazing to just watch them come up with so many creative ways to play with the ticks.
  • Dogs... Dogs from small Chihuahuas all the way up to Saint Bernard’s love playing with the crocheted ticks. If your dog likes having a squeaker or bell in their toys you can order a custom tick online and once it is ready you can pick it up at the market or have it mailed to you.
  • Fed up with your teens attitude? You can purchase a tick and attach a tag to it that says “Your attitude is ticking me off but I still love you.” You can just give it to them by itself or you can include a note inviting them to go see a movie with you, take a hike, go out to eat, paint pottery, have a paint gun fight, go bowling, go to a sports game, go for a manicure, or anything else that your teen enjoys doing.
  • Do you know someone who loves bugs? Anybody that loves bug from kids all the way to adults would love to get a crocheted tick as a gift. You can create a gift basket with a tick and then just add some other bug themed things like a bug box, magnifying glass, chocolate dipped insects, a movie about insects, books about insects, etc.
  • Need Stocking Stuffers? It is not too early to start thinking of Christmas! Crocheted ticks make great stocking stuffers for humans and animals! Just don’t forget where you hid them when it comes time to put them in the stockings.
  • Need a get well soon gift? If you know someone who is dealing with an illness or injury you can make up a goody basket for them while they are recovering. This is especially great if the patient is allergic to flowers or isn’t allowed to have them in the hospital. Some ideas to include in a gift basket with the tick are puzzle books, books, card games, snacks, and magazines.  Don’t forget to include a card or note with the gift basket that it is okay to be ticked off about being sick or injured and that you hope they will feel better soon.
  • Need a white elephant gift? White elephant gifts are traditionally "presents" that are considered extremely tacky or that do not fit the tastes of the recipient. Crocheted Ticks would be a very unexpected gift and they can be given with something useful like a bottle of wine or something wacky like a whoopee cushion or a box of nose cups.
  • Who is on your gift list? Crocheted ticks make great gifts not only at Christmas time but all year long. Who do you have on your gift list that would enjoy getting one…. 
    • Your spouse
    • Kids
    • Cousins
    • Parents
    • In-laws
    • Friends
    • Bus drivers
    • Teachers
    • Coworkers
    • Music teachers
    • Sisters
    • Brothers
    • Aunts
    • Uncles
    • Boyfriend
    • Girlfriend
    • The family dog
If you have a suggestion that you would like to see added to this list send us a message through our Etsy shop.

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