Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... Angel Heart Designs

My name is Cindy and my Etsy shop is Angel Heart Designs.

When did you start your Etsy shop?
2007 on Etsy and 1984 in the real world

What is the story behind your business name?
I was a tole painter when I started my business in 1984, and painted on children's furniture. Mostly hearts and angels. I kept business name even when I changed my medium to clay.

What do you sell?
Handmade ceramics, cottage style, functional home decor, children's art.

How did you get into your craft?
I've always been an artist, at age 7 I started to paint, later I attended art school, where I studied sculpture and design. I also attended a college on a Greek island where marble quarries were famous there for sculpting.

Anything else you would like to share?
I try to create "Art from the heart" to make it affordable so anyone can enjoy. To make someone happy when they purchase one of my handmade items. I believe there is enough creativity to go around, each artist creating their own version of a piece. With social media now taking over advertising, artists have great opportunity to be seen, and we are all very lucky! Spread love and peace!

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