Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... Tammy Oliver Designs

My name is Tammy and my Etsy shop is Tammy Oliver Designs.

When did you start your Etsy shop?
August 16, 2011
What is the story behind your business name?
Is simply my name because all of my artwork is a reflection of me.

What do you sell?
I sell children's illustrations, alphabet train art and personalized gratitude jars. All of my work is created in either watercolor and ink or digitally created entirely by me.

How did you get into your craft? 
I've been doodling and drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. A few years, a couple of kids and way too many cats later, I've built up a little business that allows me to create with abandon.

After being laid off twice, losing several loved ones, seeing my mother's heart break when her husband passed away unexpectedly, almost losing the love of my life and seeing my children and nieces take their blessings for granted I decided to focus my life on gratitude. I have added personalized gratitude jars to my shop to encourage the act of appreciation for the awesome good that we all can be guilty of missing every day.

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