Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today's featured Etsy shop... Darla Jane's

My name is Karen, and I own Darla Jane's on Etsy. We just opened in January, so while the store is brand new on Etsy, I am not. I've had a store for childrens' shirts since 2006 called The Rocking Pony. 

Darla Jane's was a result of raising puppies for nearly 15 years, and all the new owners excitedly telling me that they just bought so many things for their new puppy. I realized that I sew for kids, so it was time to start sewing for the dogs! 

We carry dog coats, collars and leashes, collar accessories such as bows and flowers (and a mustache!), durable toys and beds. We have some things for the people, too, such as note cards and wall art featuring dogs. Of course! All our products are tested on our pack of 4 french bulldogs. If it gets the 4-paws up test from them, it's definitely a winner. 

The store is named after our favorite brindle frenchie, Darla. She's our chief clothing wearer and at my feet no matter what I'm doing. I have so much planned for the store in the upcoming year so keep checking back to see what I've come up with next!

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