Friday, February 28, 2014

Going on a rock hunt... hubby's way!

Andrew and I are always on the look out for different outdoor spots to take photos for Gone to the Dogs. Today after shooting at the mill with Sydney we dropped her off with his mom, we grabbed some snacks, and went on a rock hunt. 

However for me, the gal from Los Angeles, I'm used to going down to a hardware store, pick out my rocks, and telling them where to deliver it. My dad even had one put in our front yard that was huge just so Bekah could have her dream of having a rock to sit on to put on her shoes. 

However this is not how hubby does it! I had a blast and it got my mind off of things but Sydney is mad to be left at home (the ham helped with that) and I'm sore in places I shouldn't be.

Things started off simply enough and we headed up to Jack's River. I noticed some nice rocks without going to far into the wilderness but we kept exploring. It was beautiful out there and we got the rocks we needed and turned for home.

And then I saw this rock...
I thought it looked like the perfect spot for photos and pointed it out to Andrew just so he would have a reference point for what to look for if we went out looking again for a place to take photos. We try and use a variety of places outside to take dog toy photos. Well he turned around and we got out and took photos of the 12 dog toys we had with us. I'm pretty sure the drivers that passed by thought we were nuts.

These are the pictures we took at Prater's Mill and also up at Jack's River.
Dog Toy #37

Dog Toy #38

Dog Toy #39

Dog Toy #40

Dog Toy #41

Dog Toy #42

Dog Toy #43

Dog Toy #44

Dog Toy #45

Dog Toy #46

Dog Toy #47

Dog Toy #48

Dog Toy #49

I will work on listing the dog toys tomorrow on Etsy.

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